I have more energy and am moving towards a healthier lifestyle.
Alex S.
I love this gym. There are all types of bodies, ages and levels of ability. I’m held accountable because of the relationships I’ve met here!!
Karly D
I began doing CrossFit to improve my physical health. I have continue doing CrossFit for nine years because of the bonds I’ve created with my fellow athletes. Remaining physically active and healthy while participating with like-minded people has made all the difference for me.
Aaron C
I am so thankful for the coaches at Brenham CrossFit that have helped me so much on my path to a healthy lifestyle.Two years ago I joined Brenham CrossFit at the age of 69, and have found that I am stronger mentally and physically than ever before.
Lynda Shehorn
Brenham, TX
I am stronger person physically and have more energy throughout the day. As well as having a new crossfit family.
Amanda S.
I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time!
Jared C.
Ever since I’ve joined Brenham CrossFit I feel so much better about myself and I’ve improved my eating habits even though I still can’t lose my gut.  I enjoy the positive vibes and encouragement of the other gym members.
Daniela Z.
I have made life-long friends at BCF who I look forward to seeing each day and working out with.
Reesa U.
I have never been consistent in my work out regimen, and I still have a long way to go!! But, the support, understanding, and enthusiasm the coaches give is awesome!! I want to come and work out, and I know the coaches will meet me where I am that day and push me further!
Chris S.
I am stronger physically. I started a challenge in October and that has helped me with the diet area. I am still working on being stronger mentally while pushing myself during work outs. Even though, losing 8 lbs within 8 weeks, might not be much to many, it is for me.
Diane G
I got my wife to do the Murph Challenge in 2016. She was anti-crossfit and thought it was only a matter of time before I got hurt. She joined shortly after and has gotten better and better everyday since.
Jared K
I'm so strong now!
Chris M.

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