If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Our coaches and our members inspire each other daily. We see each other often and enjoy the face-to-face motivation in a world that is filled with text messaging and Instagram likes. Our community is what keeps us accountable and makes our workouts enjoyable.

You have the goals and the courage. We have the knowledge and the resources. Challenge yourself and contact us today.

Improving, always. 

We track our workouts and lifts in a useful app on your phone. If data and competition motivate you, we have it at your fingertips.

Everyone needs accountability. 

We all need someone to keep us motivated.  Our community is incredible.  They are kind, supportive, and can still challenge you by just working out beside you.  We all stay in our own lane and work on our own individual goals.

We have a passion for helping others achieve lifelong fitness. We like to do socials and various events to help support each other, see members from other classes, and include our families in our fitness lifestyle.


Ever since I’ve joined Brenham CrossFit I feel so much better about myself and I’ve improved my eating habits even though I still can’t lose my gut.  I enjoy the positive vibes and encouragement of the other gym members.
Daniela Z. 
I am stronger person physically and have more energy throughout the day. As well as having a new crossfit family.
Amanda S. 
I have made life-long friends at BCF who I look forward to seeing each day and working out with.
Reesa U. 
I love this gym. There are all types of bodies, ages and levels of ability. I’m held accountable because of the relationships I’ve met here!!
Karly D 
I began doing CrossFit to improve my physical health. I have continue doing CrossFit for nine years because of the bonds I’ve created with my fellow athletes. Remaining physically active and healthy while participating with like-minded people has made all the difference for me.
Aaron C 

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