Welcome to Brenham CrossFit in Brenham, Texas. 
Everyone was once a beginner.  Challenge yourself.  Come improve your body and mind in 2020.


We strive for stronger bodies and minds so that we can live our best life, a life that is always improving.
We believe in CrossFit, high-intensity interval training, and varying your workouts so that they are enjoyable and challenging.
We have coaches that truly care about helping others and a friendly community that supports and encourages each other.

If you’re goal is to be in the best shape of your life or if it’s to be able to play with your children or grandchildren without gasping for air…  we are here for you.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different goals, and are in various seasons of our lives. Brenham CrossFit is here to guide and motivate you as you go through life on your own individual fitness journey.

Our location: 

107 W. First St.
Downtown Brenham
Brenham, Texas 77833

(979) 277-4493


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